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Oregon Strawberries are one of the states oldest and best loved agricultural crops. It wouldn't be summer in Oregon without a bowl of red, ripe strawberries or a luscious dessert of strawberry shortcake. If apple pie is the icon of the good life for America, then strawberry shortcake highlights the heritage of Oregonians.

Oregon strawberries are known world wide for their exceptional taste, deep red color, and intense sweetness. These qualities that make our strawberries so wonderful to eat, make them difficult to ship long distances when fresh. Many varieties of strawberries are grown in other locations around the globe primarily for their ability to withstand long distance travel. With Oregon strawberries, taste comes first, we leave being tough to the other guys.

There are many reasons why Oregon strawberries are so sweet, red and juicy but one of the most important ones is our climate. Oregon has a long mild spring and early summer. We have lots of rain and often have cool nights and warm sunny days. These conditions are perfect for growing the sweetest strawberries. The berries stay on the vine and ripen slowly, allowing the sugars to increase before harvest. If you take a drive in the country during berry season you will see acres of strawberry plants which add to the beauty of the Oregon landscape.

Not many of Oregon 's strawberries are sold as fresh market berries. The majority of them are processed into sliced or whole frozen berries. Others are used for puree and concentrate and then are used for jams, jellies and syrups. Oregon strawberries are used in ice cream, yogurt, beverages and many baked goods. Oregon strawberries retain their sweet summer goodness in all their processed forms, which is why you can enjoy them all year long. Oregon strawberries, a sweeter, redder, simply better product from Oregon's farms to you.

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