Sweeter Redder, Simply Better

Fruit brokers, buyers and R&D professionals around the world know that Oregon’s strawberries have the best color and flavor profile available.  Oregon strawberries are known for being sweeter, more flavorful and red throughout, and retaining these qualities after processing.

Until recently, we only had our own taste buds to tell us that Oregon grew the best strawberries available. But now, a scientific study confirms that Oregon Strawberries truly are “Sweeter, Redder, Simply Better”.

Dr. Michael Qian, of Oregon State University’s Food Science and Technology Department, has completed a study that compares six varieties of Oregon Strawberries with five strawberry varieties from California and found that the Oregon berries out preformed the California varieties in every test. Dr. Qian’s research analyzed taste and nutritional  quality.

Dr. Qian compared Oregon Totem 2003 and 2004, Hood, Independence, Puget Reliance and Puget Summer strawberries with the following California varieties: Ventana, Camarosa, Venice, 13g97 and San Miguel. All fruit was collected during the 2004 harvest and immediately quick-frozen and stored for six months at -10 degrees.

When tested for sweetness Oregon Totem strawberries had the highest levels of total sugars. The average fructose, glucose and sucrose content in Oregon cultivars were 2.66 gm, 2.33 gm and 0.77gm, while California berries had 1.93 gm, 1.69 gm and 1.02 respectively.

Oregon cultivars also showed higher citric acid, malic acid and total organic acid levels indicating that they are better suited for a superior quality processed product.

Numerous studies have shown the importance of antioxidant activity and potential health benefits derived from anthocyanins, which give berries their rich color. Once again Oregon strawberries at 30.25gm/100 gm of fruit, showed much higher anthocyanin levels than those from California at 12.28gm/100 gm of fruit. Sensory panels also gave Oregon strawberries high marks for overall fruit quality and overall aroma when compared to California berries.

Another study, conducted by Dr. Mary Ann Lila of University of Illinois, suggested that the climate of the Northwest creates berries that are higher in health benefits because the plants are exposed to more stressful weather conditions and as a result produce protective phytochemicals that are beneficial to humans and help the plant ward off disease.

All of this leaves no doubt that Oregon strawberries are a superior processing berry for flavor, color and health benefits. No wonder we say - Oregon Strawberries-Sweeter, Redder, Simply Better!

Click Here for Dr. Michael Qian's research "Objective Flavor Comparison of Oregon Strawberries and those from other climatic condition"

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